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10801506_1515905025346461_7098049283990528702_nThis Is a strong question. Why am I so STRESSED in my relationship?

Some individuals really can not pin point not one reasoning for the stress. Why? Because it is multiple things; one thing is just heavier than the other. The best part is that you realized that you are stressed. A step towards thinking to self: How can I be relieved of this stress? Yield, Slow down. Moving to fast in relationship decisions can be very stressful as well. Allowing one mistake after another, being in total denial about your partners behavior as well as accepting it, leads to stress. You feel some how that you are in control of the unhealthy situation. Love is blind in most cases. You are indeed looking at a smoke screen of what love is. YOU ARE THE SCREEN BLOWING THE SMOKE.

It is less stressful to deal with a child’s behavior, rather than deal with a grown behind adult. This is where it gets stressful. Because you know this person is an adult. This is what makes these unhealthy behaviors so stressful, you wanting to fix them, hide them from family and friends, not wanting advice, and praying that these behaviors do not break up the relationship. There are things within your life that you want and need for self. If your partner is first in everything, and you are dealing with fears of losing him; your stress will turn into a emotional problem. What behavior you accept into your life will define your life. When you care more for him rather than self; then the relationship becomes one sided. This alone is stressful because your needs are not getting met. This is not about him.

Your partners behaviors are not your stress factors. The way you deal with them is the stress factors as well as accepting them. He is who he is. You may have to accept the fact that when you decide to take care of you, this relationship might end. This is phrase is why so many folk stick, and stay in unhealthy relationships. As been said billions of times. THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. Well take a chance on it. It may pay off for the better.

Let’s go a little deeper into some focal points:

  • What are my pay offs for accepting unhealthy behaviors from my partner?
  • What are my true fears of the out come?
  • what are my payoffs for staying in this relationship?
  • What have I accomplished for my self during this relationship?
  • Do I honestly feel as though I can change him/or he will change?
  • Do I have faith in myself to believe that whatever the out come I am a survivor


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Coach Graci here for all your inner personal coaching needs. Coaching you to greatness; releasing your INNER GOLD. I HELP WOMEN ELIMINATE STRESS AN AS RESULT BECOME UNSTOPPABLE, CONFIDENT, AND POWERFUL. No matter what!

Just imagine eliminating all self-defeating issues that stand in your way of enjoying life.. I will provide you with a PROGRAM SYSTEM THAT WORKS PERSONALLY FOR YOU. Perspectives and support for self- knowledge as you accomplish your personal goals

Coaching as a valuable process for:

  • Designing life intentions
  • building your personal integrity and learning to base all your decisions on your values
  • Making meaningful and personal choices that REDUCES STRESS AND SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE





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butter fly


Getting started, Getting in gear, and answering the call. What call? The call on your life. That! still you will not know until you are in position. There are 7 steps to preparing yourself for your call. Because your number will be called. A call to live life and get into the root of self service. Becoming POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, & FEARLESS. All you have to do is answer the call once you recognize the Phone is ringing for you.

1. Recognize the call

2. Answer the call

3. Research the preparation for the call

5.Get in gear for one self to be on your mission

6.Secure the call

7. take action.

These are the steps to getting started in your transition to being who you are, what you are called for, and what you will no longer tolerate standing in your way of living. these steps can be magor, but vital towards leading a more healthy life style. Just bu recognizing.


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butter fly


There are many individuals that are plague with self-doubt. This can diminish a healthy life style. More times then many it is unavoidable. The solution to our self doubt is to come up with a strategy that allow you to contend with, and conquer this self-defeating malfunction called self-doubt.


Self-doubt is that feeling of uncertainty about your life and your ability to accomplish something. The shadow of self doubt, brings that dark shadow of insecurity, and can lead to hesitation and indecision. If left unchecked.


More times then many , folks chose not to deal with the fact that they have self-defeating issues. Rather then to deal with it, they much rather go on losing out in life. This is prone in women. They tend to want to have all the answers. Mean while they are demising their live. Do not be afraid to invest in yourself and win the VICTORY!





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butter fly



Toxic attributes in a person’s life, can be very crippling. Many people aren’t aware of them as they go along with trying to build their life for the better. They aren’t aware of these life crippling attributes; until it is too late. A sludge hammer is toxic to cheese; it would only squash it when trying to hit it with a sludge hammer. Imagine what harsh words can do to a person’s Life. Individuals need to be aware of what those toxic attributes are. Not only do you need to be aware, you also need to try to work on them once they are noticed.





Lack of self-commitment

No Boundaries

No Self-compassion

No Spiritual faucet (flowing)


These attributes are very toxic to maintaining a healthy life style. These attributes should never become a part of your life building tool box. What causes these toxic attributes to become a part of living a healthy life style, is allowing them to remain a part of your future plans in life; and never have worked on them, not healing from your pass, and being emotionally scared.  Old wounds need to be healed; before entering into a new relationship with loving self. Life itself is like a reservoir, it can be streamed cleaned. There are a million life problems flowing down the stream, waiting for your arrival into the world, waiting to test you. There is a lot to be cleaned up and a lot to be understood. It is better to learn how to do the math in life. Start subtracting the toxic, and add the healthy seeds of life.


  • Believing yourself
  • Become more secure in living life on life terms
  • Become committed to loving yourself
  • Set limitations as to what you allow in your path to peace
  • Learn to give yourself permission to celebrate life in nurturing way
  • Become spiritually connected. Learning to enjoy the fruit of God’s labor




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butter flyGet rid of all the bitterness and rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

EPHESIANS 4 : 31-32

These words were written in stone, and met to live by. These words are for healthy living. Nothing has ever become of bitterness, as well as jealousy. These attributes destroy the soul. And once it does the road a head seems very dark, following you’re lost. Oh! but not forever. There would just be some work to do. It is just as bad to help someone in his name and them resent their success.

God has given you the authority to set yourself free from bondage of these attributes.  Free from Bitterness and pain. Never allow anyone to take the center stage in your life, and have permission to draw the curtain on your life.





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If you think you know who you are, then you will accept what you THINK you is love. If you do not love your self, I ask you do you really think he dose or anyone else for that matter. Whatever you preceive of your self which is less or more, better or good, extraordinaire and fabulous. Will determine what you think love is. The love you feel you deserve.

The great price to pay for  low self – esteem, and fear blinds what true love is. Some woman rather stay in a relationship just feel like they are in control.  If he is not hitting you, calling you out your name. It is cool to remain. No you are settling in all these matters. MONEY DOSE NOT BUY HAPPINESS, WORDS CAN NOT CONCEAL LOVE, MATERIAL THINGS CAN NOT CONCEAL LOVE, AND YOU GIVING HIM THE WORLD CAN NOT CONCEAL LOVE. Watch LOVE & HIP- HOP.

Love is a SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. A love so beautiful; that you will be thanking could daily.

Let’S dig the groove on love

Some say love is a river that drowns the tender reed

Some say love it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed

Some love it is a hunger that endless aching need

I say it is a flower And you it only seed

Yes! it starts with a seed ladies. and you have to plant it, nurture it. Within yourselves

Love you enough to grow love, before you invite the devil into your garden(Your soul) All it is, is your heart of afraid of breaking that you rush the process, to by pass what you feel may be painful. That is a huge problem. Learn to take a chance on yourself and not the flesh of him. take a chance unleashing that love inside of you, for you. There are moments where it is ok to be selfish. God  put you in that position. Go to the garden of self love where the dew is still on the Throne, a place where he will walk with you and talk you. God is there. When the conversation is over with him, he will guide you in how to plant your seeds of love.

So remember even in the bitter snow waiting on spring to come there still lyes a ROSE.

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man and woman

What God gives permission for is joy, wealth, love. and good health. What he also gives us permission for is to have the right to chose. Unhealthy relationships are on the rise. No matter the race, or sexual preference, unhealthy relationships are on the rise. Some individuals think money buys love, so they deal with whatever comes along, not knowing the price they are paying; is selling their soul for the devil. A walk in the darkness, harboring fear, resentment and anger, but only because of their choices. Many individuals stay in unhealthy relationships because they do not know their worth and lost themselves along the way. They feel that their mate defines them. Not realizing at this point they have made their mate their God. So their soul strives off toxic and words. Words that the devil uses to sooth himself and rob them of the joyful life has for them. The other 85% stay because this is what they been taught by their u p bringing ; that they have no rights, that they will never amount to nothing. They were not brought up in love. It was all about the EMPIRE MONEY, POWER, AND PRESTIGE.

Money dose not buy love, physical and emotional abuse dose not say I love you. Each one of you were carved in his image which means you were made in his image(GOD) Do the math, this being a fact THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS. No one has no greater power than you. When something or someone greater than God; makes you feel Good you will never find peace. That healthy place to love first come with loving yourself. The devil distribute

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FACT: This has been a hard situation to move from and behind us. It still exist in a very painful way.

God dose not put you in these situations, for he dose not reside where there is evil and darkness. Rather he have given us choices in life. No one ever has a clue as to why women stay in such darkness. But it is abuse. When life is dark you can not see. These women do not see; they feel and suddenly become numb. Holding on for hope, that turns in to mounds of pain. These women scares are much deeper than the abuse that they are accepting from their abuser. Something in side them told them years ago that they have no rights and they will never find real love. These women will be better off once they realize that it is not the love that hurts it is the situation and the “PAIN GIVER” hurts. Love dose not hurt.

No matter if you are fat, skinny, small, or indifferent there is beauty in you and can be shown through you and on the outside. You thee abused woman must learn these mean abuse because they fear you, so they must administer fear so theirs will not be noticed by you. They will kill you before you take any manhood they have left, because someone took theirs years ago. Now they have found someone to pay. You can not change or heal him. You are not the original potter. His cry is deeper than your. The greater his pain gets the more you will pay. It’s never your fault and has never been your fault.. So reduce yourself esteem because of it. STOP! DO NOT MAKE ExCUSES FOR HIM. Oh is daddy was like that, his momma beat him, he just has no money. Please understand the gift of life. Jesus died on the cross to give you life, how than are you just going to give it away to your abuser. There is help out there.

Ask yourself why dose he get to live and you get to die. Now many of you may not believe in God. But you sure enough have some one or thing greater then being beat on or talked to any kind of way everyday. You know the difference between right and wrong. ABUSE IS WRONG!


At the first sign of abuse please do not be afraid to take a stand. Yes! she will get angry, but so dose an addict when you take his or her drugs. Because that is what he is to her his drug, the triumph that gets her through because she has lost the way, nothing but darkness surrounds her. She sleeps with the lights on, but in her mind it is very dark and she needs someone to help her through her darkness. It is not the man she loves, it is what she think she has build and refuse to lose because he allowed her to think it. She believes he will find someone else and treat her better, and for her that is painful. She hold’s you hostage as well, because you are afraid of her and losing what you have in riendship, but guess what you will lose it any way WHEN SHE IS NO LONGER HERE.

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FACT: We all must pray when rising in the morning; giving thanks to God for allowing us to rise, and pray to him for sweet slumber and a peaceful evening; having brought us through the day.

It is very unhealthy to unwind at the end of the day with out someone bringing the drama or feeling stressed about bills, political issues etc. The same way you are determined to catch that program without interruption be determined to set aside that moment with God. No matter how much you cry, scream holler or fight with your significant other nothing will change. You will have watched your favorite movie and got up the next day with the same worry. You both will have ill feelings, and the Devil will be in between you both laughing. Let the him/her have their moment, while you have your with God. Settle down with some sweet chilled blessed wine(fermentation in foods & fruits processing is the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohols)   and some unleavened bread and just talk with God in stead of arguing, invite him/her in. If he/she refuse the invite. Just keep that date with God. Your tomorrow will be so refreshed. In that moment with God he will answer. Be dedicated and focused. And when he calls pic up the phone you will be blessed with “I GO YOU MY CHILD”


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