FACT: We all must pray when rising in the morning; giving thanks to God for allowing us to rise, and pray to him for sweet slumber and a peaceful evening; having brought us through the day.

It is very unhealthy to unwind at the end of the day with out someone bringing the drama or feeling stressed about bills, political issues etc. The same way you are determined to catch that program without interruption be determined to set aside that moment with God. No matter how much you cry, scream holler or fight with your significant other nothing will change. You will have watched your favorite movie and got up the next day with the same worry. You both will have ill feelings, and the Devil will be in between you both laughing. Let the him/her have their moment, while you have your with God. Settle down with some sweet chilled blessed wine(fermentation in foods & fruits processing is the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohols)   and some unleavened bread and just talk with God in stead of arguing, invite him/her in. If he/she refuse the invite. Just keep that date with God. Your tomorrow will be so refreshed. In that moment with God he will answer. Be dedicated and focused. And when he calls pic up the phone you will be blessed with “I GO YOU MY CHILD”


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