FACT: This has been a hard situation to move from and behind us. It still exist in a very painful way.

God dose not put you in these situations, for he dose not reside where there is evil and darkness. Rather he have given us choices in life. No one ever has a clue as to why women stay in such darkness. But it is abuse. When life is dark you can not see. These women do not see; they feel and suddenly become numb. Holding on for hope, that turns in to mounds of pain. These women scares are much deeper than the abuse that they are accepting from their abuser. Something in side them told them years ago that they have no rights and they will never find real love. These women will be better off once they realize that it is not the love that hurts it is the situation and the “PAIN GIVER” hurts. Love dose not hurt.

No matter if you are fat, skinny, small, or indifferent there is beauty in you and can be shown through you and on the outside. You thee abused woman must learn these mean abuse because they fear you, so they must administer fear so theirs will not be noticed by you. They will kill you before you take any manhood they have left, because someone took theirs years ago. Now they have found someone to pay. You can not change or heal him. You are not the original potter. His cry is deeper than your. The greater his pain gets the more you will pay. It’s never your fault and has never been your fault.. So reduce yourself esteem because of it. STOP! DO NOT MAKE ExCUSES FOR HIM. Oh is daddy was like that, his momma beat him, he just has no money. Please understand the gift of life. Jesus died on the cross to give you life, how than are you just going to give it away to your abuser. There is help out there.

Ask yourself why dose he get to live and you get to die. Now many of you may not believe in God. But you sure enough have some one or thing greater then being beat on or talked to any kind of way everyday. You know the difference between right and wrong. ABUSE IS WRONG!


At the first sign of abuse please do not be afraid to take a stand. Yes! she will get angry, but so dose an addict when you take his or her drugs. Because that is what he is to her his drug, the triumph that gets her through because she has lost the way, nothing but darkness surrounds her. She sleeps with the lights on, but in her mind it is very dark and she needs someone to help her through her darkness. It is not the man she loves, it is what she think she has build and refuse to lose because he allowed her to think it. She believes he will find someone else and treat her better, and for her that is painful. She hold’s you hostage as well, because you are afraid of her and losing what you have in riendship, but guess what you will lose it any way WHEN SHE IS NO LONGER HERE.

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