man and woman

What God gives permission for is joy, wealth, love. and good health. What he also gives us permission for is to have the right to chose. Unhealthy relationships are on the rise. No matter the race, or sexual preference, unhealthy relationships are on the rise. Some individuals think money buys love, so they deal with whatever comes along, not knowing the price they are paying; is selling their soul for the devil. A walk in the darkness, harboring fear, resentment and anger, but only because of their choices. Many individuals stay in unhealthy relationships because they do not know their worth and lost themselves along the way. They feel that their mate defines them. Not realizing at this point they have made their mate their God. So their soul strives off toxic and words. Words that the devil uses to sooth himself and rob them of the joyful life has for them. The other 85% stay because this is what they been taught by their u p bringing ; that they have no rights, that they will never amount to nothing. They were not brought up in love. It was all about the EMPIRE MONEY, POWER, AND PRESTIGE.

Money dose not buy love, physical and emotional abuse dose not say I love you. Each one of you were carved in his image which means you were made in his image(GOD) Do the math, this being a fact THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS. No one has no greater power than you. When something or someone greater than God; makes you feel Good you will never find peace. That healthy place to love first come with loving yourself. The devil distribute

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