If you think you know who you are, then you will accept what you THINK you is love. If you do not love your self, I ask you do you really think he dose or anyone else for that matter. Whatever you preceive of your self which is less or more, better or good, extraordinaire and fabulous. Will determine what you think love is. The love you feel you deserve.

The great price to pay for  low self – esteem, and fear blinds what true love is. Some woman rather stay in a relationship just feel like they are in control.  If he is not hitting you, calling you out your name. It is cool to remain. No you are settling in all these matters. MONEY DOSE NOT BUY HAPPINESS, WORDS CAN NOT CONCEAL LOVE, MATERIAL THINGS CAN NOT CONCEAL LOVE, AND YOU GIVING HIM THE WORLD CAN NOT CONCEAL LOVE. Watch LOVE & HIP- HOP.

Love is a SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. A love so beautiful; that you will be thanking could daily.

Let’S dig the groove on love

Some say love is a river that drowns the tender reed

Some say love it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed

Some love it is a hunger that endless aching need

I say it is a flower And you it only seed

Yes! it starts with a seed ladies. and you have to plant it, nurture it. Within yourselves

Love you enough to grow love, before you invite the devil into your garden(Your soul) All it is, is your heart of afraid of breaking that you rush the process, to by pass what you feel may be painful. That is a huge problem. Learn to take a chance on yourself and not the flesh of him. take a chance unleashing that love inside of you, for you. There are moments where it is ok to be selfish. God  put you in that position. Go to the garden of self love where the dew is still on the Throne, a place where he will walk with you and talk you. God is there. When the conversation is over with him, he will guide you in how to plant your seeds of love.

So remember even in the bitter snow waiting on spring to come there still lyes a ROSE.

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