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Toxic attributes in a person’s life, can be very crippling. Many people aren’t aware of them as they go along with trying to build their life for the better. They aren’t aware of these life crippling attributes; until it is too late. A sludge hammer is toxic to cheese; it would only squash it when trying to hit it with a sludge hammer. Imagine what harsh words can do to a person’s Life. Individuals need to be aware of what those toxic attributes are. Not only do you need to be aware, you also need to try to work on them once they are noticed.





Lack of self-commitment

No Boundaries

No Self-compassion

No Spiritual faucet (flowing)


These attributes are very toxic to maintaining a healthy life style. These attributes should never become a part of your life building tool box. What causes these toxic attributes to become a part of living a healthy life style, is allowing them to remain a part of your future plans in life; and never have worked on them, not healing from your pass, and being emotionally scared.  Old wounds need to be healed; before entering into a new relationship with loving self. Life itself is like a reservoir, it can be streamed cleaned. There are a million life problems flowing down the stream, waiting for your arrival into the world, waiting to test you. There is a lot to be cleaned up and a lot to be understood. It is better to learn how to do the math in life. Start subtracting the toxic, and add the healthy seeds of life.


  • Believing yourself
  • Become more secure in living life on life terms
  • Become committed to loving yourself
  • Set limitations as to what you allow in your path to peace
  • Learn to give yourself permission to celebrate life in nurturing way
  • Become spiritually connected. Learning to enjoy the fruit of God’s labor




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