112G-Family-mFamily is everything. As well as order is everything. Everyone wishes for that perfect family and they all live happy ever after. But outside of the family someone has dreams to for fill. The burden of proof, those that have outside goals allow them to interfere with their home life and then there are some that become jealous of their partner because he or she is on the roll. There is that system again PEMDAS= (HOME) IS IN THEE EQUATION. This is what one must deal with first. Whatever is in the equation. If your life is not straight then your home is in shambles eventually business will fail or be under siege.   That will not be seen until it becomes to hard to repair.


This person tend to be controlling and bossy at home, but he / she dose not see that their head has just gotten all big. They are just going for what they know and want. Fame, money , power and prestige. What they will say: Can’t  you see that I am doing this for us. Perhaps maybe so. When actually he / she is really doing it for themselves. This becomes evident to your partner when you begin to leave a lot of things undone, and expect your partner to be supportive and handle things for you. “BROKEN LIMBS CAN NOT SUPPORT THE BODY”. The pressure build up and things began to fall apart. If both  come into a RELATIONSHIP with a balance; it then is very easy to become unbalance when one is running for their dream and they expect the other to hold the fort down. The other began to feel slighted and then go outside for the relief he / she is not getting at home. This dose not say the love is no longer there, but the bow has been broken. It is hard for the one running for fame having to do both; running for their dreams and maintaining home, but it is easier for them if they include their partner in it all. There maybe times when business takes you away from home, but this should be rare. Your partner should be able to travel with his / her partner. Their should be something set up to make him/ her / feel apart. God will never give you a an assignment that will effect your family, for that is very important to him. So he expect you two to remain complete and find a balance; maintaining a healthy relationship between the two.



This jealous attitude is more of an defense mechanism, in this situation. The partner feels less then. He / she is watching your growth and realizes he / she is not growing. You can tell them all day long that this is for you both; it dose not mean a thing. All he or she knows is that they enter into the relationship with a balance and an equal share of support. These people are more disappointed in themselves for not following their dream. They tend to feel less then. This more stronger in a man then in a woman. It tampers with the male ego that his mate is rolling high and bringing in more than he is. He fill he has no shape, to him you are not evenly yoked, and with your throne of grace he is happy for you, but feel as though what about me now. Tabloids to do not lie. Success breaks up homes if you are not careful.

There needs to be an understanding going into the relationship what your goals and dreams are, and if accomplished can your partner handle such. Sure one will say yes. That is only because they have no idea whats in store with his / her partners plan of action to be successful. There are ways and means to rectify this situation. NEVER BE AFRAID TO REACH OUT FOR HELP . God never give an assignment that will destroy, much rather he gives it  to build.

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