NEED TO TALKI love him/ I love her. But do you really know whom you are in love with, or it just that you want what you when you want it? There are a lot of things to consider in a relationship. One’s faith. Where do they stand with her/ his spirituality, her / his beliefs, and or are their priorities mixed up.  These attributes are very rarely thought of until, things are just not going the way you want in the relationship. Right away someone is hollering Lord Dear Lord!  The relationship is going sour and she / he still wants to stay. So they go and pray to God for guidance. It is always one or the other that has that strong faith in the Most High. But how sincere is their faith; that they would still hold on to what they know is unhealthy and toxic. Wanting what you want when you want it can cause you a sweet ticket to the devils den. Funny! many women really believe that God is sitting along side them in their heist to take love and finagle it to fit their desired world.


Fact: Faith is a must in a relationship, but faith that is in God and in your partner second. He / she must know what is being masked before God. Know that God knows for sure who you really serving and whom you really choosing to  serve. Keep in mind you can not serve two masters. Oh! but The Most High know for sure who you chose. When your walk is mighty with God, it is not wise to compromise your faith, before god for what you know is not conducive before him.  Once you fall in love with someone while on your journey with God, and your desire to adhere to your calling, things become come tangled and confusing. Is walking with God a task? Yes! BUT BEAUTIFUL. One thing it should never be is compromised for anything or anyone. If you know that your mate is not healthy; yes now you have to make a decision and it should be God. Your deep feeling are he / she has a heart, but they just got issues. It is not the heart you need to be concerned about. It is the issues your partner has you need to be concerned about. There are a lot of social-paths out here today that have a heart, but their attitudes and the things that they do have not been conducive in Gods eyes. Their souls are not right. But if you are in a relationship where your mate is a cheater, a lair, deceitful, and been diagnosed with a mental disease that will debilitate a relationship, and you decide to stay with him / her because it is easier for you to do what you want and have what you want; then you need to take a look at your Soul and your loyalty to God and your mighty walk. A bushel of roses and candies, a few pieces of jewelry and a few honey babies dose not say it is well with his / her Soul. You can not take your already made u p tools to rearrange someone life to fit yours. Understand- God dose not reside where there is confusion, he dose not invite or bring hell to your door, he will never indulge in fornication, and he REFUSE to be in a battle for your love between him and the devil. You must make your choice If things are not well with his / her soul you must move on. God Got You. The uni bomber had a heart but no Soul, his heart was for what he wanted in life. This is one of thee most beautiful things that the Lord has given you, THE RIGHT TO CHOSE. BUT BE FARE, TO THE ONE THAT NOT ONLY HAVE A HEART HAS A MIGHTY SOUL AND YOU BACK. WITH HIM THERE IS DELIVERANCE, NOT BELLIGERENCE.

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