GENERATIONAL CURSEFamily is bond. What comes with this bond. Sure laughs hugs, disagreements and many other things. There is a blood line. Good blood, bad blood. We grow up and leave home. You figure you are on your own now, and leaving everyone behind. Oh! But is this true? Many of us see it that way. What we do not understand; is that so much come with being tied to a family. There is illness to consider, attitude adjustment, Personality traits, and features. Who you look like, what you possibly could look like at a certain age. Wow! there is so much to consider. FACT: Your life is never really your own, so you would like to think it is.

This is where it get deep and deifying:

When you decide to date, get serious, and or get married. You have now opened up your history book, but with out having researched the Wikipedia on your family. Why? Because you figure. “I AM COOL” what the heck can be wrong with my life? Mary is crazier then me. I got it together. LOL  Please. Now history begins to follow you.  As a woman and as a man. You notice as a woman you seem to draw a certain type of man in your life. One that is needy, a drinker, has mental issues, or a mamma’s boy, someone whom has an addiction, someone who likes to abuse women ect. so you continue to deal with this. No you do not like it, but you feel as if you are going to win at this and fix the person and the problem. Now it did not work so you move on. Now you find yourself back in the same situation, but trying to figure this out yourself. Why am I back in the same situation. This has been for years. You are a magnet for the same type of person. You just can’t shake this, but you accept it with pain.  you are now owning the problem, without tagging the family. You  feel one day you will find the right person. This never happens. The cycle just repeats it self.

We all have something in us that draws a certain type of person towards us. And it is ok to find out why. The same goes for the men. You seem to draw the same type of woman in your life. Melodramatic, depressed, money hungry,sad story all the time, the all about me syndrome, Low-self-esteem, a woman who just want something and nothing at the same time, someone who is very insecure. Wow! it gets crazier. After awhile it is time to go deeper into identifying your PEOPLE MAGNET. You can go and sit down with all the therapist in the world. The  evaluation will always start like this. Tell me about your family. First lets start with mom and dad. Then it get down to your child hood. What was it like. Your therapist is now digging into your family Wikipedia. GENERATIONAL CURSES CAN BE BROKEN. But until then they will destroy and tear down your dreams of having a successful relationship.

Before entering into a relationship take self inventory, and with your potential partner evaluate. Learn their habits before you two begin to connect souls. One toxic souls defiles another. Once you realize you are dealing with a generational curse. It starts with you to break that first link. In today’s world of dating, in order to be safe you both need to do  A WIKIPEDIA ON EACH OTHER. These family traits will show up in your relationships. The family may not be a round but their whole being is SLEEPING WITH YOU AND YOUR PARTNER.




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