chainsSome qualities in a relationship can be very toxic. This dose not mean that the relationship is doomed; rather it just mean that whatever  the toxic attribute are you just need to eliminate them. Can you relate to any of the signs below:

  • Lack of joy, or lack of positive, in the relationship– this signify that there is very little communication within the relationship, or the relationship has a lot of  complaints, criticism, and or negativity.
  • Intolerance of difference. – In relationships there are attributes about your partner that bother him/her about you and vice-a-versa.These things can rub you both the wrong way. But they can be worked on. Couples who become increasingly intolerant of each others behaviors, personality traits can be a great risk for a break up.
  • Righteous conflict.- These couples usually argue about who is right and whom is wrong, the relationship is at dangerous. This the result of poor communication and not knowing how to use the dynamics of critical conversation. When one is more concern about being right than the other, this will soon over time destroy trust and communication over time. Eventually that couple feel as though he / she can no longer communicate with you.
  • Sweeping issues under the rug.- This sets couples up to become distance. You both know that there is a problem, but refuse to address it without resoluting it; talking it over, sets your your relationship up for failure. When this happens with frequency, it dose demise the relationship.
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