listenBeing understood and heard is very important in life. Communication is important in life. It works. Some folk may not like what you say; some may disagree with what you say. At the end of the day, you are still you. Voicing your feelings give you the freedom to be you. It is not what you say but how you say. Can you get your point across? Sure you can. I n the most effective way. Set the tone. Unlock your emotions your feelings of self worth. Never allow fear to keep you from voicing your pain. Some people actually will not even share their good news, fearing someone will not cheer them on. Holding in what you feel diminishes who you really are.  It’s like being trapped in a fat body and afraid to ware a bikini.

Yes it can be very challenging finding that inner voice. Because it says a lot about whom you are. It is all about taking mental steps saying; HEY WORLD IT ME.  Yes it is a journey that requires opening up doors and saying come on in. This the real me, and this is how I feel.  Don’t die never having live. It’s like sleeping  with an untaught mute. Some one with all these feeling and can’t express them. Which is very unhealthy for a relationship, marriage, and family.  Never resort to being a punching bag with out feelings. You have them, express them. OK you fear speaking your true feelings may cause you to lose someone or something very dear to your heart. If this is true then that thing or person should not be apart of your life. Never give will your life over to anyone or thing.

Keeping your truth locked in you is like living in a very dark place. There is so much light around you, but no one can see you, feel you, hear you, and they continue to do the same things to you, that has always annoyed you. No not heir fault. You allow it.

Imagine the Day Martin Luther king stood up and let his voice be heard. It struck a nation. imagine what your joy you voice can bring in life, just imagine the bright lights. Some of the greatest stars are still afraid to reveal whom they really are and not even their money can buy that freedom.



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