Fotor0531142436Getting your point across and being understood is important to you. Someone not understanding you tends to shut you down. Now you are lost for words. The individual has over powered the conversation; along with placing fear in you, and he/she  is now in control. This leaves you drained and annoyed. You were not heard. You partner, child, boss, friends can only rob you of your right to be heard if you allow it. There is not one person in this world that can not be heard. Even in the court of law you get to have your say. But dose this mean that you need to be handcuff to be heard.? But you can use the same tool they use, and own your role in a conversation as well as be heard. LOL! No one is ever going to say you have the right to be silent. You heard what I said the right. So own your voice and be heard.

For many individuals it is hard to be heard. There are risk in getting your point across. But there is a price to pay for freedom. There are relationships you will think about. Oh God if I say this will this ruin us? In retrospect it might make that party respect you a little more. Will mom be mad at me? she may but she is that key word mom. A real mother gets angry then later get over it. Will I lose my job? No! there is a system and protocol to save your job. It is not what you say it is how you say it. Even economy has a way of stilling your voice. Just respect the person with the authority or badge, but position your conversation according to the rules of that over head. Still you get to voice your feelings.

Good communication skills mean having the ability to be heard, no matter whom you want to hear. Have you ever noticed how a person lite up a room and right away he has everyone’s attention.You too can lite up a conversation and get the response you need to get your point across to people or just one individual. This what a mute will do if they want to be heard; not only will they use sign language, but they will also use a certain facial expression that gets that persons attention and use a whole body action. As you are reading this now You may be that person that have words to say and just do not know how to articulate them, because you are unaware of the out come. When you ride a horse too hard and the wrong way he will jilt until he trows you off, but the next time you will know how to ride him. COACH GRACI   #twitter is a tweet; but to get heard and understood you must speak


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