Fotor0531142436Yes! Your voice is your investment. Look at the investment of Martin L. King, Rosa Parks, Harriett Tubman, and many others. If had these people allowed their pain, and confusion about life shut their voices down we would not be voting; drinking the same water as the white folk. Our children would be suffering today. You need to open your voice box and let those whom hurt you, those whom fail you hear. But even so when you open up to these people, they see that they no longer scare you, they will keep trying; but the stronger your voice of opinion the more the abuser will take heed. It is not what you say it is how  you say it. You also must learn to set the tone. There is a time and a place to express your self. Setting the tone, the mood, and the origin opens doors to freedom of speech and  having comfort to speak . Yes set it off. Own your voice. The one you fear, you need to believe they fear you more; is why they treat you like they do. They feel they need to over power you before you seize the power.

Many individuals have some deep in side of them that they want to express, but something is holding them back. Their voice go in lock mode. There are many ways to unlock that voice. It’s like basket ball. Getting that one shot “SLAM DUNK” Open door policy it’s called. It is about sticking with the here and now. Don’t freeze. Deal with unwanted situation in a timely fashion. Other wise your voice will not have the effect that it would have dealing with the matter at hand. IT IS POWER IN THE KNOW AND NOW

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