Fotor0531142436No matter how many years you have been with someone, it is always hard finding the words to say it is over. Most times it takes a burst of anger, or someone just throwing a lot of shade. But keep in mind that the longer you stay silent about your true feelings in a relationship; the more shade you will throw and the worst things will get. Because you have allowed fear to set in. You want the relationship to end, but you aren’t vocally amp enough to sound the trumpet. When someone is afraid to voice their opinion in this situation. Nine times out of ten her or she is not 100 percent positive is this is the right move, but they know at this time this is what they want. Some people can blow the horn because it’s something in the relationship they want, but it isn’t the person no longer.In relationship decision it is hard to speak because there is a need or want or fear that is blocking the voice. That person needs to to stop fornagleing and decide first what is keeping them from speaking about their choice to end the relationship. If it is truly fear then seek help. Ask your self at all times that you are ready to speak, what are my pay offs for being silent in my decision making? What are my pay offs for staying in this relationship.

#with no voice ,you can not represent your life’s desires


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