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thDSY9EUNPIt is a beautiful thing to be in love. But when love becomes dark, because he is your only light. This type of love is not love. It is an uncertain emotion that your only survival is hope. Hoping that one day he will love you. Then that hope is continuously turning into mounds of pain, that you prefer to feel and live with, because you know other way. You strive and live off his promises, His every word has become the light of your journey, to some where as far as you are concerned, when actually you can not see that you actually in the dark. You can not see beyond his lies.

No ones else opinion matters, your opinion dose not even matter. When your significant other is your guidance in life, that is a very dull light and eventually you will clash. So many young woman have lost their lives, homes, careers, children, and families. These women have been misguided through the darkness of their thoughts being guided by their significant other. Please understand that, some that feel so good trust’ that instance feeling only comes from a dark side of your mate. If you can not make yourself feel that great, you about to make an entrance into hell’s den.

You scream for God when the pain gets worse and the light you so trusted grows dimmer and dimmer. But he can’t hear you if your desire is to stay in the darkness and you are just asking him for a little light, to make your mate change. God will never turn you over to the devil, but if that is your choice to stay and seek some part time relief, keep in mind God gives his all and not half. True light will only come through the father. God gives you signs in a relationship that will signal that tells you if you’re in a safe place or not. When things in your life start to go wrong and the only thing that seem to be working for you in your life is you significant other, than he is all that matters. God should always be in the center of your life. You should never lose whom you are, what you are called to to anyone. To many love seem to feel good when they can only see their mate. The best love dose not cause these things below

Fear,Constant Tears,  Lies, Lost Sleep, Cheating,Non- Support of your love one,Abuse

These are the things that states this is not a relationship ordained by God.



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HEALTHY LOVEThis is how many women feel. (LOOK WHAT GOD DONE FOR ME) All ready they make him their God, Lord, and chief of chief before he is shown to be that. Designing your own relationship. will only bring you nothing more but, pain, confusion, lies, lust and plenty of sleepless nights. Now on other other hand there are relationships that are very one sided. This too is not designed by God. You have designed this one as well.  relationship where you make him feel like he is everything and doing everything, while all alone. you’re the one keeping the fort going. But you need to make him look good before the family, but God knows the truth and so do you. You are the one buying the clothes, the food, paying the bills, paying for the trips and he is the one hanging on your hip. So now you have settled just so you think he is never going any where. And guess what? he isn’t going any where. Why should he. You just cheated yourself all to well, and will never know what it is like to have the best that God can give you in a mate. THERE IS NO Eulogy in this marriage or relationship. With these two types of relationships you quote on quote sold yourself soul just to say you have a man. You have lost your worth.

But God is there waiting for you to ask for his instruction for a balance and greater.

Look around within your current relationship, observe What have you accomplished in this relationship?

Are you still where you were in life when you first met him?

What have you lost while with him?

Is he supporting you and all you want to do?

Is he welcomed by people in your life whom you know really love you?

Dose he battle with you spiritually?

What dose he do for a living and is he capable living for himself?

Are you carrying most of the weight?

Is he controlling?

Dose he have an abuse problem

Dose he have a chemical dependency?

How dose ten people see him(THEY ALL CAN NOT BE BLIND)

Can you view a beautiful wedding with this guy(every woman dreams)

What type of company dose he keep?

Is he someone that your child would love?(THE CHILD THAT REALLY LOVE YOU AND WANT THE BEST)

Is he someone you would choose over God (ALL THOUGH NO ONE SHOULD)

Can you imagine he great wedding of all time with this person?


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PHONYHonest! What many individuals want in a relationship. It’s a must. But is it given? Not often. Fact is, there is no relationship without honesty. Your relationship would only be build on a lie. Even if you tell one lie to an individual who really trust you and love you devotedly. That one little lie could rip you both a part, and destroy the relationship. You you or your partner is not honest with one another then one or the other is not giving an 100 percent within the relationship. You aren’t even sure of your partner.

To know your partner is to know that there is nothing you can not share with him or her. LOL! You put yourself in a position to have sleepless nights. Because you do not know when the lie will reveal it self.

  • you become paranoid
  • Fearful
  • Agitated
  • Unfocused on your relationship
  • Feeling Guilty all the time
  • And Yes! Flipping the script all the time.

I ask is all worth it? If you are grown tell the truth.  If you are in a balanced relationship, you should not be ashamed to tell the truth. You and your partner can work it out. Being dishonest is all about you. It is a selfish move. You lie because you want what you want. You lie because you need to feel good and not convicted. Some folk just do not know how to tell the truth, because the been about themselves their whole life.

Set the tone for the conversation between you and your spouse.

  • Never jump to a conclusion
  • Learn to listen to listen clearly (You will hear the lie if there is one, without putting your stuff in it)
  • Don not be a story teller and fabricate your truth or or your lie. It is a turn off.
  • It may hurt to tell the truth but at least it is out.
  • Always stick with the here and now. Never go back to yesterday


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thNLTEWT7CSo often many individuals tend to get angry at love. From bad experiences, and most times because of how they see it. Many individuals complain and say that, they will never love again. Sad but this is how they feel. There are some that say love dose not exist; because the pain has been that great. Some people buy love because to them Love have no morals, and neither do they.

We must began to first understand the human heart and the emotion behind feelings. Following we must research our higher power spiritually. You will never come to know love until you are spiritually connected to God and come to know a relationship with him, and how love is naturally rooted. We may not see God the way many of us view him. But the light of his love is seen through people places and things; that are grounded in rooted in his love and deliverance. So when God hurts because of our behaviors it dose not reduce his love nor destroy it, it knows that he has taught that love remains, and it dies only when you do.You never stop loving a person, you just detach yourself and go on. You never want any harm to come to them, that is love. There is nothing more powerful than love. It is our miss understanding of how we see love as individuals. LOVE OVER COME ALL THINGS AND BRINGS YOU THROUGH ALL THINGS.

Abuse hurts, hate hurts, lies hurts, poor hurts, never the lest pain hurts. Love dose not hurt. This is why it is important to evaluate what and who we allow in our lives. It is the demonic behaviors that destroy love. Evil and love dose not share the same Soul. Love dose not hurt it is the situations and the person whom caused the pain that hurts. Now if you asked; can you experience that thing called a MIGHTY LOVE. YES! When you began to plant the seeds of love, be careful of how you are watering that seed. Love is a seed that needs plenty of attention, smiles, understanding, acknowledgement from time to time,faith, prayers, hugs, and acceptance, as well as awareness. You must always have an opened mind and set the tone to not flare, but spare feeling. LOVE DOSE NOT HURT.

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