thNLTEWT7CSo often many individuals tend to get angry at love. From bad experiences, and most times because of how they see it. Many individuals complain and say that, they will never love again. Sad but this is how they feel. There are some that say love dose not exist; because the pain has been that great. Some people buy love because to them Love have no morals, and neither do they.

We must began to first understand the human heart and the emotion behind feelings. Following we must research our higher power spiritually. You will never come to know love until you are spiritually connected to God and come to know a relationship with him, and how love is naturally rooted. We may not see God the way many of us view him. But the light of his love is seen through people places and things; that are grounded in rooted in his love and deliverance. So when God hurts because of our behaviors it dose not reduce his love nor destroy it, it knows that he has taught that love remains, and it dies only when you do.You never stop loving a person, you just detach yourself and go on. You never want any harm to come to them, that is love. There is nothing more powerful than love. It is our miss understanding of how we see love as individuals. LOVE OVER COME ALL THINGS AND BRINGS YOU THROUGH ALL THINGS.

Abuse hurts, hate hurts, lies hurts, poor hurts, never the lest pain hurts. Love dose not hurt. This is why it is important to evaluate what and who we allow in our lives. It is the demonic behaviors that destroy love. Evil and love dose not share the same Soul. Love dose not hurt it is the situations and the person whom caused the pain that hurts. Now if you asked; can you experience that thing called a MIGHTY LOVE. YES! When you began to plant the seeds of love, be careful of how you are watering that seed. Love is a seed that needs plenty of attention, smiles, understanding, acknowledgement from time to time,faith, prayers, hugs, and acceptance, as well as awareness. You must always have an opened mind and set the tone to not flare, but spare feeling. LOVE DOSE NOT HURT.

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