PHONYHonest! What many individuals want in a relationship. It’s a must. But is it given? Not often. Fact is, there is no relationship without honesty. Your relationship would only be build on a lie. Even if you tell one lie to an individual who really trust you and love you devotedly. That one little lie could rip you both a part, and destroy the relationship. You you or your partner is not honest with one another then one or the other is not giving an 100 percent within the relationship. You aren’t even sure of your partner.

To know your partner is to know that there is nothing you can not share with him or her. LOL! You put yourself in a position to have sleepless nights. Because you do not know when the lie will reveal it self.

  • you become paranoid
  • Fearful
  • Agitated
  • Unfocused on your relationship
  • Feeling Guilty all the time
  • And Yes! Flipping the script all the time.

I ask is all worth it? If you are grown tell the truth.  If you are in a balanced relationship, you should not be ashamed to tell the truth. You and your partner can work it out. Being dishonest is all about you. It is a selfish move. You lie because you want what you want. You lie because you need to feel good and not convicted. Some folk just do not know how to tell the truth, because the been about themselves their whole life.

Set the tone for the conversation between you and your spouse.

  • Never jump to a conclusion
  • Learn to listen to listen clearly (You will hear the lie if there is one, without putting your stuff in it)
  • Don not be a story teller and fabricate your truth or or your lie. It is a turn off.
  • It may hurt to tell the truth but at least it is out.
  • Always stick with the here and now. Never go back to yesterday


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