HEALTHY LOVEThis is how many women feel. (LOOK WHAT GOD DONE FOR ME) All ready they make him their God, Lord, and chief of chief before he is shown to be that. Designing your own relationship. will only bring you nothing more but, pain, confusion, lies, lust and plenty of sleepless nights. Now on other other hand there are relationships that are very one sided. This too is not designed by God. You have designed this one as well.  relationship where you make him feel like he is everything and doing everything, while all alone. you’re the one keeping the fort going. But you need to make him look good before the family, but God knows the truth and so do you. You are the one buying the clothes, the food, paying the bills, paying for the trips and he is the one hanging on your hip. So now you have settled just so you think he is never going any where. And guess what? he isn’t going any where. Why should he. You just cheated yourself all to well, and will never know what it is like to have the best that God can give you in a mate. THERE IS NO Eulogy in this marriage or relationship. With these two types of relationships you quote on quote sold yourself soul just to say you have a man. You have lost your worth.

But God is there waiting for you to ask for his instruction for a balance and greater.

Look around within your current relationship, observe What have you accomplished in this relationship?

Are you still where you were in life when you first met him?

What have you lost while with him?

Is he supporting you and all you want to do?

Is he welcomed by people in your life whom you know really love you?

Dose he battle with you spiritually?

What dose he do for a living and is he capable living for himself?

Are you carrying most of the weight?

Is he controlling?

Dose he have an abuse problem

Dose he have a chemical dependency?

How dose ten people see him(THEY ALL CAN NOT BE BLIND)

Can you view a beautiful wedding with this guy(every woman dreams)

What type of company dose he keep?

Is he someone that your child would love?(THE CHILD THAT REALLY LOVE YOU AND WANT THE BEST)

Is he someone you would choose over God (ALL THOUGH NO ONE SHOULD)

Can you imagine he great wedding of all time with this person?


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