thDSY9EUNPIt is a beautiful thing to be in love. But when love becomes dark, because he is your only light. This type of love is not love. It is an uncertain emotion that your only survival is hope. Hoping that one day he will love you. Then that hope is continuously turning into mounds of pain, that you prefer to feel and live with, because you know other way. You strive and live off his promises, His every word has become the light of your journey, to some where as far as you are concerned, when actually you can not see that you actually in the dark. You can not see beyond his lies.

No ones else opinion matters, your opinion dose not even matter. When your significant other is your guidance in life, that is a very dull light and eventually you will clash. So many young woman have lost their lives, homes, careers, children, and families. These women have been misguided through the darkness of their thoughts being guided by their significant other. Please understand that, some that feel so good trust’ that instance feeling only comes from a dark side of your mate. If you can not make yourself feel that great, you about to make an entrance into hell’s den.

You scream for God when the pain gets worse and the light you so trusted grows dimmer and dimmer. But he can’t hear you if your desire is to stay in the darkness and you are just asking him for a little light, to make your mate change. God will never turn you over to the devil, but if that is your choice to stay and seek some part time relief, keep in mind God gives his all and not half. True light will only come through the father. God gives you signs in a relationship that will signal that tells you if you’re in a safe place or not. When things in your life start to go wrong and the only thing that seem to be working for you in your life is you significant other, than he is all that matters. God should always be in the center of your life. You should never lose whom you are, what you are called to to anyone. To many love seem to feel good when they can only see their mate. The best love dose not cause these things below

Fear,Constant Tears,  Lies, Lost Sleep, Cheating,Non- Support of your love one,Abuse

These are the things that states this is not a relationship ordained by God.



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