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  • ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: Not all men are a waist. They are human and fall as well and many of them make mistakes. Let’s be clear. The mistake depends on what was the conviction.

GENESIS 2 : 18 And the Lord said, “It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

Yes! Men are not fair all the time. We as women need to start observing ourselves; as to what part do we play in causing our sons, uncles, brothers, significant, fathers to go wrong. Keep in mind we are raising them.

Ladies he is apart of us. So when your man fall in life, don’t beat him up; bring him up. Start by asking is there anything we can do to better the situation. Please allow me to express some serious facts:

No you do not assist him if any of these things occur

  • Abuse (Physical or Mental,and or Emotional)
  • A repeat offender
  • Child molester
  • A gangster
  • A drug addict whom is not even trying(This situation you can not repair, but pray for him. If he indeed is willing to get help support him, but detach with love and understanding and allow him the space he needs to recover. About this addiction series. First time day clean walking into the doors for help. He just opened his eyes, First 6 month he is just crawling, He do not even have feeling that he understands at this point. The first year  he is just beginning to stand,  and his feelings been shut down for so long til he can’t began to express them nor sort them. So leave that alone for two years.
  • A murderer
  • And any thing that is not of God.

It  is ok sometimes to be the bread winner, but with reason. Like seriously don’t make him a king when he has not proven to you that he can run the castle. And all he want to do is lye around while you become his maid servant. I reiterate ladies Sometimes they fall short and lost, we must be there. Talk to him figure out what would make him happy, what kind of career goals dose he have. No! Do not go into a relationship this way. He has to have already be in your life. You do not get a man then set him up.  Now a brother as a friend with no ties, maybe you might want to empower him to grow to greater. Ladies we must strengthen our men and empower them to greatness.



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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: An addiction dose not allow you to live with feelings. Point blank.

Being engaged in a troubled relationship is painful enough. Having your significant other on drugs is even harder. Because now you are in a war. The man you love is on drugs and you want him back. Let’s get raw. At this level he is no longer yours. You are now fighting the conscious being of what was your man. He has made a conscious decision to be an addict. His fight is harder. You my lady are no longer a thought. No matter what he says or what he dose that make you think he cares. He is unable of feeling, thinking, and caring.

Imagine taking a sleeping pill or better yet going under anesthesia, you become numb. That is what it is like being on drugs. Your soul becomes numb, your brain becomes frizzled, you see the world in a different light. even the one you are sleeping with looks different. Realize this is no relationship problem. This is his problem and not yours. All this man can do for you now is make mounds of problems; while you continue to nag, pray, cry, and slander him. There is no relationship until he finds in his soul which he has lost, him self. The only tool that will go up against this demon drug is a 12 step program and God as well as he having the will to change.

The painful part of this is, once this addict finds him self; what you fort so hard for, may become wasted energy. Many addicts are found to grow better if they walk away from any and everything including you, in order to stay on that journey of recover. By you becoming his codependent, you too have become part of the problem. Which makes you just as unhealthy for him. Many times the addict finds that he really was never in love with you, you just fed into his weaknesses in life. Now he’s ready to take on a more healthy life style. An addiction has a mind of it own. It picks it victims, chew them up and spit them out. You can not help your addict, think for him, chose for him, nor can you continue to give in. He has a contract for hell. RUN WITH TOUGH LOVE!


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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: Most men feel as though a woman makes them, and that they are nothing without them, but at the same time they really are disrespecting themselves as well as the woman who allow this magnet behavior.

This a man who have been deeply scared, or suffer from women abuse, or suffer from an erectile dysfunction, or more so going through a midlife crises. Never the less this man value himself and needs the strength of women to bring him to light. This is sad. Why? Because he can not stand alone. What he once was, he is now not that person any more. He dose not realize that one of those women will be his rise or his fall. Trust and believe he will never let neither of those women he. They are his prey to keep his adrenaline boiling. HE IS A PIMP WITH A MISSION.

  1.   He constantly questioning your loyalty.
  2. He will never trust you with everything, but with some things.
  3. He has the need to be the center of attention
  4. He has he huge need to out do any man that come up against him
  5.  Everything he do in life is centered a round a woman
  6. His deepest fear is to commit.
  7. He is extremely competitive, and has the need to impress
  8. One woman will never be enough. He need an army of women to assist his every move. His need for an compliment is like a Penicillin needed to feed an infection. His infection is control.
  9. There is an excuse and a reason for every woman’s presence.
  10. He is scheming every of the day, even in his sleep. One moment with out thinking is a moment he has to look at his self at which he is not comfortable inside of his own skin.
  11. Trust and believe ti was a woman that made this ma and with out her he is nothing. So through every woman he lives
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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT:  Many women are guilty of trying to change her man.



Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone. A new life has began.

Change comes from within. Spiritual DNA can not be compromise. Find some acceptance or walk away. He has to be  ready able and willing to change. Only through the original potter can this take place.


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ScanTHE INCREDIBLE FACTS: Any and everyone that deals with an stressful relationship, always hope for her significant other to change.

Can someone change? Yes! But with time, plenty of time. No one wishes to stay in an unhealthy relationship, but they will. Women take it upon their selves to try and change this individual that is causing the stress within the relationship. Most times women stay in unhealthy relationships because she fears he will go with someones else and treat her better. They then feel rob of their opportunity to rescue this man and get the treatment for better that they feel they deserved. There are a few reason that this man may do better with the  other woman.

  • She will never from the beginning tolerate what you have
  • The other woman’s standards are high
  • Her total code of ethics clearly states she will never diminish herself for such behavior.
  • Her walk spiritually told the devil this is not the one

On the other hand it could be totally different, the other woman may have just done you favor and took him off your hands, perhaps maybe even saved your life. TWO TO TEN she is more likely to be as weak because she is hungry for a man, and has the same idea too; that she can change him.

But do they really change? Asked your self. Can you replant a rose, rebuild a garden. To do this takes a lot of de – rooting, deplowing, and a lot of nurturing, just as well a lot of time apart from him and God at the for front reshaping this already potted soil ( man). His Garden(SOUL) has to be poured into with fresh water(blessings).

Ladies this is a job that you can not do. The devil want to employ you to do this job because he know he can bring you down and make you hate everything there is about love.


incredible coach graci

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HEALTHY LOVEAs we all know, no one is perfect. Even if his walk is strong with God. For we all go to God but with out sin. But hey ladies let’s not get happy. We all will go through some difficult times within our relationships, it’s just getting through them.  As women we can be spoiled, selfish, and demanding. This makes most of our situations worst then they really are. Never the less we need to keep all situations simple. Keeping things simple will allow you an open view to see and here clearly what is before you. Our men will make mistakes, our men will look at other women, our men will act like babies and most of all they will with draw from time to time. Nothing will always be peachy.

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