ScanTHE INCREDIBLE FACTS: Any and everyone that deals with an stressful relationship, always hope for her significant other to change.

Can someone change? Yes! But with time, plenty of time. No one wishes to stay in an unhealthy relationship, but they will. Women take it upon their selves to try and change this individual that is causing the stress within the relationship. Most times women stay in unhealthy relationships because she fears he will go with someones else and treat her better. They then feel rob of their opportunity to rescue this man and get the treatment for better that they feel they deserved. There are a few reason that this man may do better with the  other woman.

  • She will never from the beginning tolerate what you have
  • The other woman’s standards are high
  • Her total code of ethics clearly states she will never diminish herself for such behavior.
  • Her walk spiritually told the devil this is not the one

On the other hand it could be totally different, the other woman may have just done you favor and took him off your hands, perhaps maybe even saved your life. TWO TO TEN she is more likely to be as weak because she is hungry for a man, and has the same idea too; that she can change him.

But do they really change? Asked your self. Can you replant a rose, rebuild a garden. To do this takes a lot of de – rooting, deplowing, and a lot of nurturing, just as well a lot of time apart from him and God at the for front reshaping this already potted soil ( man). His Garden(SOUL) has to be poured into with fresh water(blessings).

Ladies this is a job that you can not do. The devil want to employ you to do this job because he know he can bring you down and make you hate everything there is about love.


incredible coach graci

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