ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: Most men feel as though a woman makes them, and that they are nothing without them, but at the same time they really are disrespecting themselves as well as the woman who allow this magnet behavior.

This a man who have been deeply scared, or suffer from women abuse, or suffer from an erectile dysfunction, or more so going through a midlife crises. Never the less this man value himself and needs the strength of women to bring him to light. This is sad. Why? Because he can not stand alone. What he once was, he is now not that person any more. He dose not realize that one of those women will be his rise or his fall. Trust and believe he will never let neither of those women he. They are his prey to keep his adrenaline boiling. HE IS A PIMP WITH A MISSION.

  1.   He constantly questioning your loyalty.
  2. He will never trust you with everything, but with some things.
  3. He has the need to be the center of attention
  4. He has he huge need to out do any man that come up against him
  5.  Everything he do in life is centered a round a woman
  6. His deepest fear is to commit.
  7. He is extremely competitive, and has the need to impress
  8. One woman will never be enough. He need an army of women to assist his every move. His need for an compliment is like a Penicillin needed to feed an infection. His infection is control.
  9. There is an excuse and a reason for every woman’s presence.
  10. He is scheming every of the day, even in his sleep. One moment with out thinking is a moment he has to look at his self at which he is not comfortable inside of his own skin.
  11. Trust and believe ti was a woman that made this ma and with out her he is nothing. So through every woman he lives
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