ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: An addiction dose not allow you to live with feelings. Point blank.

Being engaged in a troubled relationship is painful enough. Having your significant other on drugs is even harder. Because now you are in a war. The man you love is on drugs and you want him back. Let’s get raw. At this level he is no longer yours. You are now fighting the conscious being of what was your man. He has made a conscious decision to be an addict. His fight is harder. You my lady are no longer a thought. No matter what he says or what he dose that make you think he cares. He is unable of feeling, thinking, and caring.

Imagine taking a sleeping pill or better yet going under anesthesia, you become numb. That is what it is like being on drugs. Your soul becomes numb, your brain becomes frizzled, you see the world in a different light. even the one you are sleeping with looks different. Realize this is no relationship problem. This is his problem and not yours. All this man can do for you now is make mounds of problems; while you continue to nag, pray, cry, and slander him. There is no relationship until he finds in his soul which he has lost, him self. The only tool that will go up against this demon drug is a 12 step program and God as well as he having the will to change.

The painful part of this is, once this addict finds him self; what you fort so hard for, may become wasted energy. Many addicts are found to grow better if they walk away from any and everything including you, in order to stay on that journey of recover. By you becoming his codependent, you too have become part of the problem. Which makes you just as unhealthy for him. Many times the addict finds that he really was never in love with you, you just fed into his weaknesses in life. Now he’s ready to take on a more healthy life style. An addiction has a mind of it own. It picks it victims, chew them up and spit them out. You can not help your addict, think for him, chose for him, nor can you continue to give in. He has a contract for hell. RUN WITH TOUGH LOVE!


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