ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: Control has it up side and it down side. Fact is we all need to to be in control of our lives, as in being careful and mindful of our choices, health, and whom we allow in our lives. God has the rest.

To become a controlling person is a whole other fact. A controlling attitude can destroy you and everything around you. It is a mind drug. You began to asphyxiate on other peoples lives. Why? You do not want to look at your own. An controlling attitude is very ugly. You want to control everything and everybody around you. This gives you a sense of power. Pretty much it is an easy way of shutting down your mess. With this attitude you are even in Gods way.


  • He or she will try and control the conversation at all times.
  • Have all the answers
  • Their bank account is out of sorts
  • Their home is very unorganized, unclean.
  • They are hoarders (Will always tell you of their great plans for their home and never arrive)
  • Will accept abuse from their mate( Physically, mentally because they have the problem under control as they say. It is very hard for them to remove themselves from the situation.)
  • Determined no one is going to tell them how to do things. ( Not even God knows what is best for them)
  • The need for the center stage to empower and fix everyone’s life and theirs is still messed up.
  • Always on the run and can not enjoyed what they have built or accomplished.
  •  Will pretend that that their lives is that of a million year(Living in a dream rather then waking up to it)
  • these people yes are in the know and always surrounded by people, but dare to commit, and will continue to run away from what really lies in the darkness of their life.
  • For them it all about money,  fame and fortune, and running the world and all they can do at the end of the day is sleep.

When these people (controllers) wake up in the morning in that  room there is no God, they become God and they look around that room see and feel the fall. They push all the junk a side and muscle up go in the closet and put their super man or woman suite on. THEY ARE OF TO SAFE THE DAY.


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