ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: There s a lesson to be learned for all things. When God said these words I  knew thee, and he you decide not to follow his lead. Trust and believe’ he will set the facts right before you again. Reminding you that he already showed you what being appreciated and love was, but you chose a more challenging road.

Many women experience that true love at such a young age. You get those butter flies in your stomach and he/she is all you can think about over cookies and milk. The beauty in this is he chose you over every girl that wanted him.  He always treated you with respect, even though you were not PRIME QUEEN, but you were his choice.You did not have the finest of everything far as clothes, house, your block and you were a justa; just a little knock kneed girl/boys with your first set of teen bumps. He/she over all becomes your prince/princess charming. When he/she makes things for you ever so awesome and takes you on your first date wow! at such a young age and it is all so innocent. To a fine restaurant in center city, Like really me you are saying to yourself . You doubt yourself, but yet you have the finest thing wanting you. All this was no hokes. This kinda of love is like gravy it sticks. with you on all your journey through life.

Now you are grown and traveled many avenues under the line of relationships, cried many tears, and been through a divorce. Questioned you were asked by God ( DID I NOT SHOW YOU WHAT REAL LOVE AND APPRECIATION IS) Now the  truth shows up after years of pain and you realize; that your first love was when you actually really felt love because he or she never changed they are still humble before you, supportive, and your stomach still flutters and the moment you saw him or her, that safe and secure feeling you still feel. You just can not shake him or her . You realize that they were your total transformation already ordained by God, because the butterflies are still flying in your stomach the moment you see their face. No matter how many times you fell for someone along the way. You just never felt with them what you still feel for your first love.


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