ScanFACT: An addiction can become more powerful then your calling in life. It will ruin any chance you have of having a successful life and or relationship with any one. It builds a character of an ugly force to be reckoned with. The addict become very comfortable with his or her addiction once they have won over their enabler, whom becomes the worst part of the addiction. His or her enabler has helped him or her build their prison of hell.

An addiction is one of Satan’s  greatest tools. He knows t is a way to remove man from the will of God. It is Gods will that man serves a great purpose in rising families, serving our countries, and most of all to lead. But how can God depend on man if he is numb to life and the call of duty.Satan knows that an addiction not only destroys man but his family as well or any chance he will have of having an successful relationship. God has given man power of greatness in him that would bound Satan to hell forever. BY THE POWERS INVESTED BY ME I SHALL GIVE YOU MY SON IN WHICH LORD JESUS CHRIST. THAT NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER.

Being chemically dependent is a selfish act and you have clearly given you will over to the will of Satan. He has your mind, body and soul, he is now in control. For most addicts this is ok. Because they are not willing to do the work or there were other things that Satan has placed in his life that he or she is not willing to deal with; for it is just to painful to do so. The addict must understand that dealing with that underlined pain will bring him victory over Satan. Ladies under stand that any one on drugs can not and will not love you after some point and time. He is not cable of dong so. HAVE YOU EVER FELT THE BLADE OF A KNIFE UNDER THE SEDATION OF ANESTHESIA? HELLO MY FRIEND THIS IS THE SAME AS A PERSON CHEMICALLY DEPENDENT. Your addict has a choice to become committed to the will of God and live a sober life, in order to do the will of God. He / she must understand that being chemically dependent is as well a disobedience in the eyes of the Lord. s he an addict he/she has choices. You can not receive the total blessing of the MOST HIGH on lock down with Satan. Surly you must know when he is done with you, Satan’s greatest pleasure is to laugh loud as you surly will not receive the call as you go down into the ground. This Satan mission. It is time to let your families stop suffering and give God the glory by working towards victory. You have a God given purpose in life and it is not to serve self nor Satan.

Here it is the the whole matter of moral choice centers around Jesus Christ. Christ stated it plainly. He that is not with me is against me and no man cometh to the father but through me. This gospel message embodies three distinct elements: an announcement, accommand, and a call. Take nothIng for granted come back to grass roots. Bear your cross. Life offers two roads righteousness and wickedness.



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