thDSY9EUNP INCREDIBLE FACT:  Even though God can view evil, delivering beauty for his people is his primary goal. God would not have it any other way.

For starters Lord thy God dose not share with the devil. Yes we all get caught up in the rapture. The way God veiws love for his pure women of God:

  • Joy for her will always come in the morning. Although there may be days that will be rough, but the love is so great and the connection is so spiritual between two, joy will still show up in the morning and last all day.
  • Her partner never cease to pray with her on a daily giving God the praise.
  • Her partner will always put his needs before his.
  • The spiritual friendship between the two speaks for it self.
  • She has no tolerance in her life for the devils foolishness.
  • In her relationship she can be herself at all times.
  • She feels free to express herself without fear
  • She never has to explain herself nor her walk with God.
  • God will always come first and he , her mate will understand this at all times.
  • The devil has no place in her heart.
  • She take heed to her true calling before God instead of catering to the devil and his ways.
  • At he end of her days she is able to slumber with peace

So many women realize that they are in a unhealthy relationship and much rather stay. It is not because they feel love, they stay because they have connected with a demonic spirit that has them locked into a very dark place. Their feelings are now hoarded by total darkness. This woman is determined that she will win. She dose not hear God, the friends and her family. She becomes a total different person. A stand up lair, a care taker, and is willing to lose any and everything good that God has for her. She is ok with the whipping and the late night nagging, parting and any and all demonic habits that her partner possesses.  She has wrote the ticket to hell and so deep in it she can not even feel the fire. THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS HAS WON HER OVER.



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