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divineDivine intervention is just that; divine intervention. We need God in everything we do and say. Relationship building can be very hard, and confusing, most times painful. There it is right there. God will show you all kinds of signs that something is just not right. He will show you when it is time to hang it up. you will see and hear the signs, but bang by this time you in deep emotionally.  Now you’re scared. You tell everyone what you see, you cry out about how difficult it has been to build with this new person in your life.  The strange thing is you do not hear your own cry and feel you have no way of releasing the pain you feel, because you know he or she is just not that into you as you are to them. The biggest note is you know that they have motives for being in your life period.

Understand it is not that you are not excepting this behavior; the pain is just to great to except in the beginning to say Lord! I screwed up. Lord! really thought that they cared. You do not want to look like a fool before the world and your folks. You know their word ” I told you so” you know  we do not want to hear that.. Never feel like you are a fool, just pray yourself away and let it go. Yes it will hurt. Second thing is you ask yourself how do I let this thing go, how do I do I let the pain go,? Will I ever love again or be loved? Better yet will I continue to make the same mistakes in life.

Just learn to turn it into a positive thing. It is a testimony and a lesson learned. Others may not understand why you went through this and may call you a fool. You are not the wrong one because you loved. Love is not wrong. It simply means you were with the wrong person. Sad thing is that they know that they are wrong for you. But will drain you too no end. Hers what I say…………..Let the Dog go back to it’s own vomit in Egypt. Rest a sure if you are one of Gods chosen God will handle it. He /she are afraid of their own self and will regret ever losing you. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GOOD HEART; RATHER CHANGE WHO YOU GIVE THE KEY TOO.

This entry was posted on May 22, 2016.