divineDivine intervention is just that; divine intervention. We need God in everything we do and say. Relationship building can be very hard, and confusing, most times painful. There it is right there. God will show you all kinds of signs that something is just not right. He will show you when it is time to hang it up. you will see and hear the signs, but bang by this time you in deep emotionally.  Now you’re scared. You tell everyone what you see, you cry out about how difficult it has been to build with this new person in your life.  The strange thing is you do not hear your own cry and feel you have no way of releasing the pain you feel, because you know he or she is just not that into you as you are to them. The biggest note is you know that they have motives for being in your life period.

Understand it is not that you are not excepting this behavior; the pain is just to great to except in the beginning to say Lord! I screwed up. Lord! really thought that they cared. You do not want to look like a fool before the world and your folks. You know their word ” I told you so” you know  we do not want to hear that.. Never feel like you are a fool, just pray yourself away and let it go. Yes it will hurt. Second thing is you ask yourself how do I let this thing go, how do I do I let the pain go,? Will I ever love again or be loved? Better yet will I continue to make the same mistakes in life.

Just learn to turn it into a positive thing. It is a testimony and a lesson learned. Others may not understand why you went through this and may call you a fool. You are not the wrong one because you loved. Love is not wrong. It simply means you were with the wrong person. Sad thing is that they know that they are wrong for you. But will drain you too no end. Hers what I say…………..Let the Dog go back to it’s own vomit in Egypt. Rest a sure if you are one of Gods chosen God will handle it. He /she are afraid of their own self and will regret ever losing you. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GOOD HEART; RATHER CHANGE WHO YOU GIVE THE KEY TOO.

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thDSY9EUNP INCREDIBLE FACT:  Even though God can view evil, delivering beauty for his people is his primary goal. God would not have it any other way.

For starters Lord thy God dose not share with the devil. Yes we all get caught up in the rapture. The way God veiws love for his pure women of God:

  • Joy for her will always come in the morning. Although there may be days that will be rough, but the love is so great and the connection is so spiritual between two, joy will still show up in the morning and last all day.
  • Her partner never cease to pray with her on a daily giving God the praise.
  • Her partner will always put his needs before his.
  • The spiritual friendship between the two speaks for it self.
  • She has no tolerance in her life for the devils foolishness.
  • In her relationship she can be herself at all times.
  • She feels free to express herself without fear
  • She never has to explain herself nor her walk with God.
  • God will always come first and he , her mate will understand this at all times.
  • The devil has no place in her heart.
  • She take heed to her true calling before God instead of catering to the devil and his ways.
  • At he end of her days she is able to slumber with peace

So many women realize that they are in a unhealthy relationship and much rather stay. It is not because they feel love, they stay because they have connected with a demonic spirit that has them locked into a very dark place. Their feelings are now hoarded by total darkness. This woman is determined that she will win. She dose not hear God, the friends and her family. She becomes a total different person. A stand up lair, a care taker, and is willing to lose any and everything good that God has for her. She is ok with the whipping and the late night nagging, parting and any and all demonic habits that her partner possesses.  She has wrote the ticket to hell and so deep in it she can not even feel the fire. THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS HAS WON HER OVER.



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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: God hears and he listens to everything we say and when we want to be heard. But when he feels that there is commotion in your life that will hinder you, he will sound the trumpet, show you signs.

Let’s began by saying that many individuals see love in a way that satisfy them., and the way they see it could be very uncomfortable for their love ones. These people do not realize the unique pain that their love ones go through seeing them in a relationship that is unhealthy. It enhances rebellion in these folks. God will send them every signal you can imagine. When 7 people tell you the something about your significant other, there must be truth to it. God has sound the trumpet. LISTEN!


The bear truth about a bout relationships, are that they have a God given purpose. To build for the kingdom of God. Family is a blessing and when your relationship effect your family, friends, and or your family values you must take it into a direction as to taking a closer look. Like ask. God what am I doing? Family do not get into your unhealthy relationship because it is a thing and they want to make trouble. Your pain cause them not to sleep, to worry, to cry, beg and plead. for you to come to your senses and come back to your God given ordained family.

Bad relationships has a domino effect.  Everyone falls. Holidays are painful and never the same, family gathering are never the same and more importantly you may lose family members in the process and you can not turn back the hands of time and make it right. Again God has sound the trumpet in 7s. LISTEN!

More importantly when your unhealthy relationship effect your children and you can not see it; it is because you have come to love the prince of darkness and his madness. This says a lot about you as an individual. You have proven if it met losing your child you are ok with this. This behavior is not normal. You have painted a world that dose not exist, your selfish, yet blind, to what love is and the pain of your child. Yes there will always be someone there on Satan side chairing you on making you think you are doing the right thing, but how right could you be when the person you chose to love ripped apart your world and everyone around you world. Please understand Satan has a job. That job is to reduce the beauty of families that God so patiently produced in his name.  It may be your relationship, but it still you need to relate to the fact that your relationship effect those around you. when 7 people express their opinion in your relationship and every word is a compare, God is sending you the signals to take heed.


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ScanFACT: Can someone with an addiction be loved? Yes they can, but from a far. Although the fog in their brain dose not allow them to feel you nor give back that same love, but you keep trying. FACT: At the end of the day nothing matters to them but that drug. And as long as they are chemically dependent they (your addict) are numb to life.

What is codependency? It is an emotional, psychological, on set of oppressive rules. You know live for self. You become a hired hand for your addict. You become his or her personal banker, housekeeper, defender,doctor, care taker, baby sitter,personal chef, and the duty list gets longer. His or her only job is to get high  and scheme.  He /she live, and breath to get high. He /she is no longer the sober man/ woman you started this beautiful relationship with.

You have slipped into codependency and ready to become your addicts savior. You see standing before you the person you so love. Keep in mind he is only draped clay, still appearing visibly the individual in your life, but emotionally he is numb he/she has emotionally been detached from you, and what you both may have had together.

Codependency is a very challenging thing to go through. This disease of the heart will eliminate you from living your best self. May individuals do not realize that they have slipped in to codependency, some individual are in denial of this fact not knowing the signs and some knowing the signs. Codependency is extremely unhealthy.  You as a codependent began to lose site of whom you are, your values in life reduce, and you become after sometime like your addict. You will pic up on unhealthy life styles. You as a codependent place your power in your addict making him/her the source of your love and happiness..It may appear that you are experiencing some sort of intense love for your addict, but “needing” another person often extend from fear, not love.

In a codependent relationship the help’s emotional enmeshment leads  them to keenly feel their addicts struggles and to feel guilt at the thought of limiting their help or terminating the relationship. This motivates you to reduce the others suffering (and you own) As a codependent you tend to love your position as a rescuer, supporter, and confidante. Keep in mind your addict is smarter than you want him to be.



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ScanFACT: An addiction can become more powerful then your calling in life. It will ruin any chance you have of having a successful life and or relationship with any one. It builds a character of an ugly force to be reckoned with. The addict become very comfortable with his or her addiction once they have won over their enabler, whom becomes the worst part of the addiction. His or her enabler has helped him or her build their prison of hell.

An addiction is one of Satan’s  greatest tools. He knows t is a way to remove man from the will of God. It is Gods will that man serves a great purpose in rising families, serving our countries, and most of all to lead. But how can God depend on man if he is numb to life and the call of duty.Satan knows that an addiction not only destroys man but his family as well or any chance he will have of having an successful relationship. God has given man power of greatness in him that would bound Satan to hell forever. BY THE POWERS INVESTED BY ME I SHALL GIVE YOU MY SON IN WHICH LORD JESUS CHRIST. THAT NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER.

Being chemically dependent is a selfish act and you have clearly given you will over to the will of Satan. He has your mind, body and soul, he is now in control. For most addicts this is ok. Because they are not willing to do the work or there were other things that Satan has placed in his life that he or she is not willing to deal with; for it is just to painful to do so. The addict must understand that dealing with that underlined pain will bring him victory over Satan. Ladies under stand that any one on drugs can not and will not love you after some point and time. He is not cable of dong so. HAVE YOU EVER FELT THE BLADE OF A KNIFE UNDER THE SEDATION OF ANESTHESIA? HELLO MY FRIEND THIS IS THE SAME AS A PERSON CHEMICALLY DEPENDENT. Your addict has a choice to become committed to the will of God and live a sober life, in order to do the will of God. He / she must understand that being chemically dependent is as well a disobedience in the eyes of the Lord. s he an addict he/she has choices. You can not receive the total blessing of the MOST HIGH on lock down with Satan. Surly you must know when he is done with you, Satan’s greatest pleasure is to laugh loud as you surly will not receive the call as you go down into the ground. This Satan mission. It is time to let your families stop suffering and give God the glory by working towards victory. You have a God given purpose in life and it is not to serve self nor Satan.

Here it is the the whole matter of moral choice centers around Jesus Christ. Christ stated it plainly. He that is not with me is against me and no man cometh to the father but through me. This gospel message embodies three distinct elements: an announcement, accommand, and a call. Take nothIng for granted come back to grass roots. Bear your cross. Life offers two roads righteousness and wickedness.



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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: There s a lesson to be learned for all things. When God said these words I  knew thee, and he you decide not to follow his lead. Trust and believe’ he will set the facts right before you again. Reminding you that he already showed you what being appreciated and love was, but you chose a more challenging road.

Many women experience that true love at such a young age. You get those butter flies in your stomach and he/she is all you can think about over cookies and milk. The beauty in this is he chose you over every girl that wanted him.  He always treated you with respect, even though you were not PRIME QUEEN, but you were his choice.You did not have the finest of everything far as clothes, house, your block and you were a justa; just a little knock kneed girl/boys with your first set of teen bumps. He/she over all becomes your prince/princess charming. When he/she makes things for you ever so awesome and takes you on your first date wow! at such a young age and it is all so innocent. To a fine restaurant in center city, Like really me you are saying to yourself . You doubt yourself, but yet you have the finest thing wanting you. All this was no hokes. This kinda of love is like gravy it sticks. with you on all your journey through life.

Now you are grown and traveled many avenues under the line of relationships, cried many tears, and been through a divorce. Questioned you were asked by God ( DID I NOT SHOW YOU WHAT REAL LOVE AND APPRECIATION IS) Now the  truth shows up after years of pain and you realize; that your first love was when you actually really felt love because he or she never changed they are still humble before you, supportive, and your stomach still flutters and the moment you saw him or her, that safe and secure feeling you still feel. You just can not shake him or her . You realize that they were your total transformation already ordained by God, because the butterflies are still flying in your stomach the moment you see their face. No matter how many times you fell for someone along the way. You just never felt with them what you still feel for your first love.


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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: Control has it up side and it down side. Fact is we all need to to be in control of our lives, as in being careful and mindful of our choices, health, and whom we allow in our lives. God has the rest.

To become a controlling person is a whole other fact. A controlling attitude can destroy you and everything around you. It is a mind drug. You began to asphyxiate on other peoples lives. Why? You do not want to look at your own. An controlling attitude is very ugly. You want to control everything and everybody around you. This gives you a sense of power. Pretty much it is an easy way of shutting down your mess. With this attitude you are even in Gods way.


  • He or she will try and control the conversation at all times.
  • Have all the answers
  • Their bank account is out of sorts
  • Their home is very unorganized, unclean.
  • They are hoarders (Will always tell you of their great plans for their home and never arrive)
  • Will accept abuse from their mate( Physically, mentally because they have the problem under control as they say. It is very hard for them to remove themselves from the situation.)
  • Determined no one is going to tell them how to do things. ( Not even God knows what is best for them)
  • The need for the center stage to empower and fix everyone’s life and theirs is still messed up.
  • Always on the run and can not enjoyed what they have built or accomplished.
  •  Will pretend that that their lives is that of a million year(Living in a dream rather then waking up to it)
  • these people yes are in the know and always surrounded by people, but dare to commit, and will continue to run away from what really lies in the darkness of their life.
  • For them it all about money,  fame and fortune, and running the world and all they can do at the end of the day is sleep.

When these people (controllers) wake up in the morning in that  room there is no God, they become God and they look around that room see and feel the fall. They push all the junk a side and muscle up go in the closet and put their super man or woman suite on. THEY ARE OF TO SAFE THE DAY.


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  • ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: Not all men are a waist. They are human and fall as well and many of them make mistakes. Let’s be clear. The mistake depends on what was the conviction.

GENESIS 2 : 18 And the Lord said, “It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

Yes! Men are not fair all the time. We as women need to start observing ourselves; as to what part do we play in causing our sons, uncles, brothers, significant, fathers to go wrong. Keep in mind we are raising them.

Ladies he is apart of us. So when your man fall in life, don’t beat him up; bring him up. Start by asking is there anything we can do to better the situation. Please allow me to express some serious facts:

No you do not assist him if any of these things occur

  • Abuse (Physical or Mental,and or Emotional)
  • A repeat offender
  • Child molester
  • A gangster
  • A drug addict whom is not even trying(This situation you can not repair, but pray for him. If he indeed is willing to get help support him, but detach with love and understanding and allow him the space he needs to recover. About this addiction series. First time day clean walking into the doors for help. He just opened his eyes, First 6 month he is just crawling, He do not even have feeling that he understands at this point. The first year  he is just beginning to stand,  and his feelings been shut down for so long til he can’t began to express them nor sort them. So leave that alone for two years.
  • A murderer
  • And any thing that is not of God.

It  is ok sometimes to be the bread winner, but with reason. Like seriously don’t make him a king when he has not proven to you that he can run the castle. And all he want to do is lye around while you become his maid servant. I reiterate ladies Sometimes they fall short and lost, we must be there. Talk to him figure out what would make him happy, what kind of career goals dose he have. No! Do not go into a relationship this way. He has to have already be in your life. You do not get a man then set him up.  Now a brother as a friend with no ties, maybe you might want to empower him to grow to greater. Ladies we must strengthen our men and empower them to greatness.



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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: An addiction dose not allow you to live with feelings. Point blank.

Being engaged in a troubled relationship is painful enough. Having your significant other on drugs is even harder. Because now you are in a war. The man you love is on drugs and you want him back. Let’s get raw. At this level he is no longer yours. You are now fighting the conscious being of what was your man. He has made a conscious decision to be an addict. His fight is harder. You my lady are no longer a thought. No matter what he says or what he dose that make you think he cares. He is unable of feeling, thinking, and caring.

Imagine taking a sleeping pill or better yet going under anesthesia, you become numb. That is what it is like being on drugs. Your soul becomes numb, your brain becomes frizzled, you see the world in a different light. even the one you are sleeping with looks different. Realize this is no relationship problem. This is his problem and not yours. All this man can do for you now is make mounds of problems; while you continue to nag, pray, cry, and slander him. There is no relationship until he finds in his soul which he has lost, him self. The only tool that will go up against this demon drug is a 12 step program and God as well as he having the will to change.

The painful part of this is, once this addict finds him self; what you fort so hard for, may become wasted energy. Many addicts are found to grow better if they walk away from any and everything including you, in order to stay on that journey of recover. By you becoming his codependent, you too have become part of the problem. Which makes you just as unhealthy for him. Many times the addict finds that he really was never in love with you, you just fed into his weaknesses in life. Now he’s ready to take on a more healthy life style. An addiction has a mind of it own. It picks it victims, chew them up and spit them out. You can not help your addict, think for him, chose for him, nor can you continue to give in. He has a contract for hell. RUN WITH TOUGH LOVE!


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ScanINCREDIBLE FACT: Most men feel as though a woman makes them, and that they are nothing without them, but at the same time they really are disrespecting themselves as well as the woman who allow this magnet behavior.

This a man who have been deeply scared, or suffer from women abuse, or suffer from an erectile dysfunction, or more so going through a midlife crises. Never the less this man value himself and needs the strength of women to bring him to light. This is sad. Why? Because he can not stand alone. What he once was, he is now not that person any more. He dose not realize that one of those women will be his rise or his fall. Trust and believe he will never let neither of those women he. They are his prey to keep his adrenaline boiling. HE IS A PIMP WITH A MISSION.

  1.   He constantly questioning your loyalty.
  2. He will never trust you with everything, but with some things.
  3. He has the need to be the center of attention
  4. He has he huge need to out do any man that come up against him
  5.  Everything he do in life is centered a round a woman
  6. His deepest fear is to commit.
  7. He is extremely competitive, and has the need to impress
  8. One woman will never be enough. He need an army of women to assist his every move. His need for an compliment is like a Penicillin needed to feed an infection. His infection is control.
  9. There is an excuse and a reason for every woman’s presence.
  10. He is scheming every of the day, even in his sleep. One moment with out thinking is a moment he has to look at his self at which he is not comfortable inside of his own skin.
  11. Trust and believe ti was a woman that made this ma and with out her he is nothing. So through every woman he lives
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